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Bianchi 2020

Bianchi bicycles - the legend of cycling, an example of a dream come true. Its creator, Eduardo Bianchi, was one of the first creators of a safe bicycle (1888). Green color has become the hallmark of the bike. Eduardo Bianchi decided to use such a color in honor of the beautiful eyes of the Queen of Italy, Margarita. In the years of the Second World War, there remained a lot of excess green paint, which was added to blue. The dream of a green-blue color - “celeste” as the Italian word celeste was pronounced - it was such a color that became the hallmark of the Bianchi bicycle. Throughout history, the color has hardly changed to this day. In 2018, he also became popular among the triathletes in the Ironman category.

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Bianchi Aquila CV

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Bianchi Aria Triathlon

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Bianchi Oltre XR4 Triathlon

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Bianchi Aquila CV 2020

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