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Cervelo 2020

Cervelo is a Canadian company founded in 1995 by two engineers Phil White and Gérard Vroomen. Being in the bicycle industry since 1986, they decided to create one of the fastest bikes for cutting.
The year 2001 was marked by the release of the Cervélo P3 bike, which quickly became one of the benchmarks for triathlon and grooves. Countless awards won on this model today and it is extremely popular on the Ironman.
Then, in 2002, the first bike of the S series appears and is called the Soloist. By itself, it is highway. And in 2003, the company begins supporting the CSC team. Cervélo at that time is the smallest and youngest company supporting a team that competes in the men's elite. The team rises from the 14th to the 1st place in the world ranking (World tour). 
In 2005 the Cervélo R3 bike appeared, which shook the bicycle industry again, thanks to the Squoval technology used. In 2007, cooperation with the triathlon teamTBB was launched.
Today Cervélo is one of the lightest and most aerodynamic bikes. Which won the most prestigious competitions.

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Cervelo T4 2020

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Cervelo T4 2020, size 58, Limited Offer

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