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During the mid 1990s, the German engineers Rudolf Dierl and Heinz Obermayer started a revolution: They developed the world’s first all-carbon wheelset in which the carbon/kevlar spokes were laminated directly into the hub and rim. Only a few wheels were made per year, but the public immediately took notice when in 1996 and 1997 their wheels were ridden to victory in the Tour de France. Ever since then Lightweight Wheels have been used by professional cyclists, as everybody soon wanted his own pair of these super light, aerodynamic and – above all – extremely stiff wheelset. Of course, they have played a role in every Tour won since. Until today Lightweight Wheels are unsurpassed in their combination of properties.
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Lightweight Leistungstrager Seatpost


Lightweight Urgestalt Disc


Lightweight Urgestalt Schwarz


Lightweight Urgestalt Weiss


Lightweight Autobahn


Lightweight Fernweg 60 / 80 mm


Lightweight Gipfelsturm


Lightweight Obermayer Tubular


Lightweight quick release


Lightweight Rundkurs / Rundkurs Disc


Lightweight Wegweiser C Disc 24 mm


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