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Lightweight 2018

The history of Lightweight wheels has largely been shaped by some of the world’s top competitive cyclists. It was them who first used the revolutionary wheels at championship races and major cycling tours, thereby establishing the brand’s reputation in the sport. Lightweight wheels have been available in their current shape ever since 1995, albeit subject to continuous refinement. 
It didn’t take long for many other top-class cyclists to recognise the incredible quality and performance of these wheels. Propulsion and motion dynamics have always been hallmarks of Lightweight’s products. These qualities are the direct result of an exclusive combination of top-class material, years of experience and unsurpassed expertise.
In October 2003, Lightweight started to trade under the name CarbonSports, now working closely with its own Carbon specialists in Friedrichshafen to develop and produce its bicycle wheels.
The sharp eye for detail, the quest for perfection and highly precise work processes enable Lightweight to build the most exclusive wheels on which the best cyclists in the world have ridden to glory.
In 2013 Lightweight is bringing his first own frame to market – Urgestalt. Designed and engineered in Germany. Another milestone in the company’s history.

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Lightweight Leistungstrager Seatpost

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Lightweight Urgestalt Disc

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