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Argon 18 E-118 Tri+ Disc Frameset 2020

Manufacturer: Argon 18
Delivery date: 6-10 weeks
612,931.47 ₽
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Delivery Time: 6-10 weeks 
The E-118Tri+ is the Triathlon version of the E-118 Pro, our no-compromise Time trial bike developed with and for Astana Pro Team. As such, it is built using the same breakthrough Pro level carbon lay-up.
The E-118Tri+ is as light as its time trial counterpart. Its superior handling and exceptional responsiveness, trademark characteristics of Argon 18 bikes, are rather uncommon in the triathlon world.
All of this makes the E-118Tri+ faster on technical courses. It corners better and climbs like no other bike in its category.
It is generally believed that bikes equipped with disc brakes are heavier and less aero. This doesn’t apply to the E-118Tri+. No bike concept comes out of Argon 18 if it doesn’t bring something new and distinctive to the party and the E-118Tri+ is no exception to that rule. We made sure it would meet all our standards and then some. The E-118Tri+ is truly a no compromise bike.

Once properly installed and set up, disc brakes require far less maintenance than regular rim brakes. They also make wheel swaps easier since there is no more need to change brake pads when switching from alloy to carbon wheels. These are real benefits for serious triathletes, amateur or pro.

It has now become common knowledge that disc brakes offer better braking performance and adjustability than traditional rim brakes regardless of weather conditions. Their performance when cornering also add to their advantage.

Another advantage of the E-118Tri+ over its predecessor is better tire clearance. Once again, this is due to the disc brakes. Riders can now choose tires right up to 28C, a major improvement over the 23mm tire clearance of the E-118Next.
250g Usually, incorporating disc brakes to a bike design will add about 400g to the total weight of the bike. Therefore, to launch a new Triathlon bike that is lighter than its predecessor while equipped with disc brakes is no mean feat.
We wanted the E-118Tri+ to be as adaptive as possible so that it could be used either for triathlon or time trialling. In this perspective, we did away with all proprietary hydration systems as they tend to be heavier and may not answer the needs of all triathletes.
With the E-118Tri+, we introduce a new version of our full carbon super light handlebar/stem combo. While maintaining the system’s stiffness, it allows a lower fit window.
When compared to the E118 Next’s version of the Oneness system, this new generation system’s armrests stack is 2cm lower and the grip position is 4cm lower, making it easier to fit smaller people on the bike.

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