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Argon 18 Gallium Pro

Manufacturer: Argon 18
Delivery date: 2-3 weeks
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Delivery time – 2-3 weeks

Argon 18 Gallium Pro. 
Argon18 triggered a revolution, a new concept in ultra-high performance with the new Gallium Pro. This new, lighter frame and fork is an Argon 18 right down to its very DNA as it embodies the essence of what the company has meant and has been striving for since its beginnings 25 years ago.
As it’s always been the case with Argon 18 bikes, the new Gallium Pro incorporates a solid grasp of traditional time-tested cycling knowledge and cutting-edge technological research and advancements. This amalgam boasts a 15% increase in headtube stiffness thanks to the exceptional strength-weight ratio afforded by the new 790g redesigned carbon frameset, response is even more immediate and handling is razor-sharp on any terrain.
The new Gallium Pro also sets a precedent for its exceptional positioning versatility. With proven, intelligently conceived AFS geometry in its six frame sizes, the new bike furthers this versatility with the new ASP-6500 reversible two-way seat post (seat clamp offset -15 to -25mm), offering an extremely wide range of adjustment. Customization is taken another step with the 3D Headtube, expanding the possibilities for pinpoint-perfect handlebar positioning, all without losing any of the frame and fork's desirable performance characteristics. When all of these positive attributes are taken this far, that spells “race winner" or, in other words, Gallium Pro.

Recommended torque values:
3D Headtube: 35-50 Nm (use Teflon plumber’s tape to prevent unwanted loosening of the head tube).
Seatpost collar: 6 Nm (lubricate collar bolt with grease and use anti-slip carbon assembly compound on post/seat tube).
Seatpost rocker clamp: 6 Nm.
Derailleur hanger bolts, front and rear: 4 Nm.
Bottle cage mounting bolts: 3 Nm.
Other components: refer to manufacturer’s instructions.

Frame: 790 g (includes medium frame, paint and clear coat. Hardware (75 g) is not included).
Fork: 350 g, cut to fit medium size frame.
Seatpost: 226 g, Argon 18 ASP-6500 carbon seat post, included.
Seatpost collar diameter: 36.6 mm.
Bottom bracket: BB86
Headset: FSA model 62 + 3D ( 1’’-1/4 (top, 36*) and 1’’-1/2 (bottom, 36*/45*) bearings, FSA TH-883 preload expander included.
Replaceable braze-on type front derailleur tab, compatible with compact cranksets.
Replaceable forged rear derailleur hanger.

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