SRAM SL-1150 R2C TT Aero Shifter Set

Производитель: SRAM
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Most advanced technology available for all triathletes and time-trialists

Inspired from the SRAM R2C™ Aero SL-1190 shifter set, the best-in-class Time Trial & Triathlon shifting system used by IM World Champion Pete Jacobs and Mirinda Carfrae, the brand new SRAM R2C™ Aero SL-1150 shifter set features the R2C™ (Return to Center) technology at a lower price. No need to bend your hands anymore and benefit from the most aerodynamic position anytime. After every shift it immediately and automatically returns to the starting ‘center’. No more stress, awkward hand positions, or loss of concentration. Just focus on your search for speed.

The new SRAM R2C™ Aero SL-1150 shifting blades are made of lightweight alloy and have an optimized ergonomic shape for comfort and natural handling . Rear shifting is indexed for fast and flawless gear changes, while the front shifter is available for 11 speeds in YAW™.
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