ZIPP 858 NSW Carbon Clincher Disc-Brake Wheelset

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Delivery: since November 2017

With the introduction of the radical biomimicry-derived 454 NSW Carbon Clincher, Zipp proved that aero efficiency and crosswind stability are not mutually exclusive aero wheel design goals. Using a similar Sawtooth™ rim design, the 858 NSW wheelset goes 24 millimeters deeper than the 454 and delivers even greater gains in aero efficiency while providing a level of rider control in crosswinds that was previously unthinkable with conventional deep-section wheel designs. By eliminating concerns over control, the 858 NSW ushers in a new era where aerodynamically efficient deepsection wheels are no longer a race-day-only option—they’re everyday wheels.

Adding to the 858's versatility, its lightweight and laterally stiff rim imparts a level of responsiveness previously only attributed to much shallower wheels, keeping bike handling lively and quick. Whether you choose disc brakes or rim brakes, the 858 delivers the best braking available. Designed for road or triathlon applications, the 858 NSW’s advanced aero efficiency, crosswind stability, responsive handling, and unrivalled braking are engineered to make what was once impossible … possible.

Zipp's NSW-exclusive Cognition™ Disc-brake hubset rolls efficiently whether you are pedaling or coasting. The Axial Clutch™ technology allows the freehub’s ratcheting mechanism to deliver half the mechanical drag of conventional three pawl hubs. Assembled with Swiss bearings made to Zipp's exacting specifications, the Cognition™ hubset is as robust as it is fast. And to make installation and service as quick as this wheelset is on the road, they’ve designed the hubs to use a center locking disc brake interface and J-bend spokes.


Sawtooth™ rim with Hyperfoil™ nodes
Rim depth of 77/82mm
Cognition™ hubset
Axial Clutch™ technology
ImPress™ graphics
HexFin™ ABLC dimple pattern
Carbon Clincher
Handcrafted in the USA


Superior modulation and stopping power of disc brakes.
858 NSW rolls efficiently whether you are pedaling or coasting. The Axial Clutch technology allows the freehub’s ratcheting mechanism to deliver half the mechanical drag of conventional three-pawl hubs.
The patented biomimetic 77/82mm deep rim shape simultaneously reduces both aerodynamic drag and side force for the ultimate in AeroBalance.

Technologies of ZIPP 454 NSW:
Zipp has employed the ImPress™ graphics technology, which prints graphics directly on the wheel, to help allow the dimples to do what they were design to do – help control vortex shedding, the rate at which air sheds off the wheel. Managing this is crucial to stability. ImPress graphics also give NSW a distinctive stealthy look.

SawTooth™ is the name given to Zipp NSW’s patented variable depth 53/58mm rims. Developed utilizing the principles of the emerging science of biomimicry, Zipp engineers began the rigorous aero development process of SawTooth™ utilizing the wind tunnel, CFD, and real-world testing. The result is a rim shape that takes nature’s most elegant design solutions and combines engineering precision to deliver a wheel that performs unlike any made before.
This patented new rim shape achieves something conventional aero wheels cannot; it simultaneously reduces both aerodynamic drag and side force for the ultimate in AeroBalance™. Sawtooth™ accomplishes this with a series of patented fin-shaped Hyperfoil™ nodes along the inner diameter of the rim that work together with the new HexFin™ ABLC dimples for improved airflow. The result is Zipp’s highest performing wheelset ever realized with both aero-drag reduction and reduced side force at all wind yaw angles. This is important because higher wind yaw angles are where bike handling is most affected by the wind.

Hyperfoil™ is the name given to the individual nodes on Zipp NSW variable depth Sawtooth™ rims. Each of these patented structures features the HexFin™ ABLC dimples that help to stabilize handling in gusting wind by increasing wind vortex shedding frequency. The higher frequency vortex shedding produced by Sawtooth™ creates a greater number of smaller, less powerful, yet more predictable vortices leading to greater wheel stability. This added stability translates into greater rider control, thereby saving energy that is typically expended trying to hold a line in gusting wind. The result is a faster, more confident riding experience whether you are laying down power or descending sinuous mountain roads.

HexFin™ ABLC dimples
HexFin™ ABLC dimples are the hexagonally shaped depressions found at each Hyperfoil™ of the Sawtooth™ shaped NSW rims. The angular shape of each dimple increases boundary layer mixing to help keep airflow attached to the rim for reduced aerodynamic drag and improved stability in crosswinds. To further improve the effectiveness of the hexagonal dimples, they are arranged in fin-shaped clusters made up of variable sized dimples that work in concert with each Hyperfoil™ of a Sawtooth™ rim.

Material: rim: carbon
spokes: stainless steel
Weight: approx. 1834 gram (manufacturer's specs, per pair)
(front: approx. 850 gram | rear: approx. 984 gram)
Rim height: 77/82 mm
external/internal rim width: inner: 17 mm
external: 23.7 mm
E.T.R.T.O.: 17-622
Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray
Nipples: Sapim Secure Lock
Spokes number: 24 (2x crossed)
Hub axle system: FW: 100 mm QR, with conversion kits (included) 12 or 15x100mm thru axle
RW: 135 mm QR, with conversion kits (included) 12x135 or 142mm thru axle
Fitting type of tire: clincher / wire bead / folding tire
Maximum tire pressure: 125 psi (8.6 bar)
Purpose: triathlon, time trial, competition
hub: Zipp Cognition DB
Fitting for shifting: Shimano/SRAM 10/11-speed
Max. permissible total weight
(rider + bike): 113 kg
Disc brake standard: Center Lock
Included in delivery: front wheel, rear wheel, quick release, valve extenders, tubes, rimtape, wheelbag, 12/15x100mm, 12x135/142mm TA end caps
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